The opportunity

Over-testing is defined as the unnecessary and avoidable laboratory tests being done and results in extra laboratory and physician consulting hours, unnecessary kits and materials consumed, avoidable pharmaceutical costs and loss of confidence in the doctor’s advice and health care systems and services.


Have you ever thought about how much money you could save by preventing over-testing or how much your health service would improve by means of a faster differential diagnosis?

U.S. Healthcare Waste Per Year in Over-testing: $210 Billion
and results in

Hundreds of thousands of extra laboratory hours

Millions of extra physician consulting hours

Unnecessary kits and materials consumed

Avoidable pharmaceutical costs

Confidence in the doctor’s advice and healthcare systems

Artificial intelligence: state-of-the-art differential diagnostics

Save Money By Avoiding Over-Testing. Increase Accuracy & Speed. Invest in Health & Patient Satisfaction.

Save $ by avoiding Over-testing

Accuracy & Speed

Health & Patient Satisfaction

Our team

The heart of iLab Systems consists of a visionary group of scientists and an extensive group of consultants including experts in oncology, health insurance and resource mobilization. Together, we are a creative team of experts in medical genomics, statistical genetics, data science, machine learning, bioinformatics, clinical trials and biotech consulting.


Machine Learning


Data Science and Analytics


Software Engineering & User Interface

Engage Development

Healthcare Insurance Companies

Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

Pharma & CROs

Phenotype patients, predict response to placebos, analyze genomic and epigenomic data, genome-wide association studies, and more…

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